ICRC 2001

27th International Cosmic Ray Conference

Invited, Rapporteur, and Highlight Papers

Edited by R. Schlickeiser

H.E.S.S. Lecture

Völk, H. J. 
Gamma-ray astronomy of cosmic rays
page 3 - 17


Invited papers

Brekke, P. and Fleck, B.
From solar min to solar max: half a solar cycle of SOHO observations
page 21 - 40

Learned, J. G. 
New developments in Neutrino Astronomy
page 41 - 51

Thielemann, F.-K., Argast, D., Brachwitz, F., Martinez-Pinedo, G., Oechslin, R., Rauscher, T., Hix, W. R., Liebendörfer, M., Mezzacappa, A., Höflich, P., Iwamoto, K., Nomoto, K., Schatz, H., Wiescher, M. C., Kratz, K.-L., Pfeiffer, B., and Rosswog, S.
Stellar sources of the interstellar medium
page 52 - 71

Dermer, C. D. 
Gamma ray bursts and cosmic ray origin
page 72 - 92

Goobar, A. 
Supernovae and dark energy
page 93 - 99


Rapporteur papers

Mazur, J. E.
Solar activity: minor ion enrichment, particle acceleration and transport, and extreme events
page 103 - 108

Kocharov, L. 
Transient phenomena in the heliosphere
page 109 - 117

Heber, B. 
Galactic and anomalous cosmic rays in the heliosphere
page 118 - 135

Stochaj, S. J. 
Direct measurements of cosmic rays
page 136 - 146

Pohl, M. 
Gamma ray astronomy
page 147 - 161

Ostrowski, M. 
Cosmic ray propagation and acceleration
page 162 - 169

Sommers, P. 
Air shower experiments and results: E > 10 12 eV
page 170 - 180

Engel, R. 
Interaction and particle physics
page 181 - 193

Kajita, T. 
Muons and neutrinos
page 194 - 205


Highlight papers

Lin, R. P. and the HESSI team 
The High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) Small Explorer mission for the next (2000) solar maximum
page 209 - 216

Potgieter, M. S., Ferreira, S. E. S. 
Modulation of cosmic rays in the heliosphere: theory and models
page 217 - 225

Berezhko, E. G. 
Particle acceleration in supernova remnants
page 226 - 233

Cronin, J. W. 
The Pierre Auger Observatory
page 234 - 239

Kampert, K.-H., Antoni, T., Apel, W. D., Badea, F., Bekk, K., Bercuci, A., Blümer, H., Bollmann, E., Bozdog, H., Brancus, I., M., Büttner, C., Chilingarian, A., Daumiller, K., Doll, P., Engler, J., Feßler, F., Gils, H. J., Glasstetter, R., Haeusler, R., Haungs, A., Heck, D., Hörandel, J. R., Holst, T., Iwan, A., Kempa, J., Klages, H. O., Knapp, J., Maier, G., Mathes, H. J., Mayer, H. J., Milke, J., Müller, M., Obenland, R., Oehlschläger, J., Ostapchenko, S., Petcu, M., Rebel, H., Risse, M., Roth, M., Schieler, H., Scholz, J., Thouw, T., Ulrich, H., Vulpescu, B., Weber, J. H., Wentz, J., Wochele, J., Zabierowski, J., and Zagromski, S.
The physics of the knee in the cosmic ray spectrum
page 240 - 249

Aharonian, F. A. 
TeV blazars and cosmic infrared background radiation
page 250 - 261

Ringwald, A. 
Possible detection of relic neutrinos and their mass
page 262 - 269

Waltham, C. 
First results from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
page 270 - 278



Bieber, J. W., Dröge, W., Evenson, P., Pyle, R. , Ruffolo, D., Pinsook, U., Tooprakai, P., Rujiwarodom, M., Khumlumlert, T., and Krucker. S.
Relativistic solar protons on Bastille Day 2000
page 281 - 284

Kuzhevskii, B. M., Miroshnichenko, L. I., and Troitskaya, E. V. 
Derivation of density profiles in the solar atmosphere by the 2.223 MeV line data for the 6 November 1997 flare
page 285 - 288

Miroshnichenko, L. I., Perez-Enriquez, P., and Mendoza, B. 
Source energy spectra of interacting and escaping protons
page 289 - 292

Möbius, E., Morris, D., Lee, M. A., Mason, G. M., Klecker, B., Mazur, J. E., Popecki, M. A., Galvin, A. B., and Kistler, M.
Variation of Energetic He + , He 2+ and Heavy Ions Across Co-Rotating Interaction Regions
page 293 - 296

Plüschke, S., Cerviño, M., Diehl, R., Kretschmer, K., Hartmann, D., H., and Knödlseder, J. 
Diffuse gamma-ray line emission from multiple OB associations in Cygnus
page 297 - 300

Sarri, G., Paizis, C., Falconi, B, Heber, B., Ferrando, P., Raviart, A., Müller-Mellin, R., and Kunow, H. 
Recurrent cosmic ray decreases during the second Ulysses orbit. COSPIN/KET results
page 301 - 304

MacGibbon, J. H., Wichoski, U. F., and Webber, B. R. 
Tau neutrinos from astrophysical and cosmological sources
page 305 - 308



Cane, H. V. 
Are there two classes of solar energetic particle events?
page 311 - 314

Petry, D. 
Large zenith angle observations with the high-resolution Granite III camera
page 315 

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